About US

BNE Water Restoration started of asĀ  small company but it has now expanded and operates in more than fifty cities. The company credibility and the manner in which in approaches various water damage issues is one of the things that set us apart.

We have being consistent in the manner in which we respond to our customers needs and requirements. As a result, we have earned global recognition and continue to dominate the industry with no regrets.

One of the main causes of water damage is lack of provisions by the government to prevent these incidents. One too many cities in the country have poor drainage system that expose them buildings to the challenges. We are also consistent in the provision of the best mold removal services and this has so far helped us to cut a niche for ourselves and attract thousands of customers.

The team we work with works together as a family and we treat all our customers with the respect and loyalty that they deserve. We are not biased and we do all we can to make sure that we provide all our customers with the exact thing that they expect from us.

Call us today and we will discuss the various mold removal and water restoration services that we do offer. We are waiting for your call and will do everything possible to please you.